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Have you ever got a chance to attend sangeet ceremony, one of the pre-marriage ceremonies conducted after the mehandi ceremony? If not, you are missing the greatest entertaining event of life. Indian weddings are popular for the unique method of celebration. Sangeet ceremony is a part of marriage and conducted few days before the D-day for refreshment. The custom and procedure associated with sangeet ceremony has undergone changes as time elapsed. Previously, the celebration was solely devoted to female population and organized by bride family to tease the bride and seek entertainment. Nowadays both families unite together and make the celebration more interesting. Men along with groom dress up in their favorite readymade kurta pyjama representing tradition. Since groom seems to be special, the kurta worn by him can be made of pure silk or brocade to generate royal outlook. Art silk is a boon to those belonging to middle class family for being cost-saving and beautiful. Moreover men prefer to go with art silk kurta pyjama since the fabric delivers similar kind of outlook as that obtained from silk fabric. On comfort basis, art silk is no way behind other fabrics. Since sangeet ceremony is a collage of dance and music, some men go with cotton kurtas to ensure free movement of air. Heavy embellished clothes are usually avoided by men to allow easy movement of hands and legs. Kurtas embroidered alone the neckline with contrast colored thread look appealing and attractive when worn by men of all age group. Designer wears are apt for youngsters to create contemporary and stylist outlook. Any shade of color can be worn for sangeet ceremony as long as the family plans for a color theme. Bright colors like red, maroon, yellow, orange, and green make you stand distinct in the group of youngsters giving their dance performances. Cbazaar is one of the best online shops for purchasing outfits and accessories. Fabulous collections of men’s readymade engagement kurta pyjama can be purchased just by the click of a mouse. Their products receive huge round of applause from other audiences especially those residing in Australia. To view all magnificent
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