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A Sherwani is a long coat-like garment worn by men in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan for weddings, festivals and other events thar required ethnic wear. The sherwani is considered to be a fusion of the salwar kameez with the British frock coat, that was popular among the British royals and aristocrats of the time. This garment was traditionally associated with the members of the Muslim aristocracy hailing from the north Indian subcontinent and was subsequently adopted by the Rajput aristocracy as well. It is commonly worn over the kurta and churidar or pajama. It is made from heavy suiting fabrics like silk and brocade and is always accompanied by a lining. It is notably known as the national dress of the men of Pakistan.

In India, the sherwani is generally worn for formal occasions, particularly by men of North Indian descent, especially those from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Hyderabad, where the garment is favored by the majority of Muslims living in the city. The sherwani is also frequently associated with Muslims.

The Hyderabadi Sherwani which has a flair at the hips, was the preferred choice of royals like the Nizam of Hyderabad and Hyderabadi nobles alike. The difference between regular sherwanis and Hyderabadi sherwanis is that the latter is longer than the former, reaching far below the knees of the wearer.

Over the past few years, with the dominance and influence of fashion trends playing a major role in the mindset of men and women when it comes to making decisions related to the wardrobe, it has become almost customary for bride grooms to wear a Designer sherwani on their wedding day, accompanied by a turban to give it a more regal look and as a tribute to the era of the royals that ruled in the centuries gone by.

Wedding sherwanis usually come with embroidered collars and yokes, with little work on the cuffs of the sleeves. This trend has been popularized in recent times by garments from designers like Amir Adnan and Deepak Parwani. Bollywood celebrities like Saif Ali Khan and Imran Khan sported sherwanis at their own weddings and pulled off the look extremely well. All you men out there could definitely take a cue from these uber stylish men and jazz it up with a sherwani yourself at the next wedding you go to!

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